Monday, 6 May 2013

Delightful Dress: Flapper Dress from Jigsaw

The Great Gatsby movie is released in a few days and the fashion world seems to have gone crazy for 1920's chic.  Romantic, feminine, loose and fringy, the current styles are shorter, swingy dresses and long, fitted gowns.  Team with feathers, pearls, red lips, nude colours and fascinators to completely embrace the look, or simply choose a few key pieces for a hint of retro chic.

I think that this silk flapper dress from Jigsaw epitomises the trend and is simply gorgeous.  It comes in a delicate oyster colour or a shimmering silver grey - both pictured as they are so exquisite!  The shape and cut means that it will skim the body and flatter most body shapes.  Despite being inspired by a 1920's vintage pattern, I think the look is timeless and this dress is a real investment that will sell-out fairly quickly judging by what I've read about it already!  I'm afraid all I can offer in terms of a discount for this dress is free standard delivery.  But I couldn't resist it....  This dress is amazing.

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