Friday, 20 September 2013

Satchel Bag from Groupon

Groupon is one of my favourite online retailers.  Customers can sign up to newsletter of their choice - I have signed up to two local ones based on my nearest towns - usually meals out and pampering packages, but I've been told the London one often does theatre shows - and a goods one, which has great deals on products and courses.  Each deal has a significant discount - there's a wedding planner course today offering a 91% discount and a telescope with a 78% discount.  So it's definitely well worth signing up; I've found a couple of bargains which I had been looking for elsewhere at much higher prices and have struck lucky with Groupon.  Customers make a purchase through the Groupon site and are sent a 'Groupon' - essentially a voucher which needs to be redeemed within a certain date, so if it's a good/product that's been purchased, this can be done immediately but a local appointment needs to be booked within the date range.

Today they've got some fab, on-trend, colourful, cross body satchels on offer with a 54% discount, making therm, £22.99 rather than £49, and with free delivery.  They aren't leather, but at that price, one wouldn't expect them to be really.  My favourite is this pink one:
But they've got so many other colours too:  navy blue and tan brown:

Teal and bright neon green:
Coral blue, black and bright purple:
And an emerald green.
The colours are so fab and such a bargain, that it's worth getting a couple to match any outfit!  And they are practical and pretty at the same time - who could want more from a bag?!

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