Sunday, 6 October 2013

Nifty Knitwear: Intarsia Jumper from Joules

There's nothing like a cozy jumper as the weather turns and Joules have a fantastic selection at the moment.  My favourite are from the Intarsia collection, which have all sorts of cute animal prints on them.  There's seven different versions for women and it's so hard to choose just one - so I have picked a few that I love the most!  They will all look fab with jeans, perfect for a casual, restful day or a walk in the country.

First up is this navy and white striped jumper with a bluetit motif.  Stripes are always great and the bluetit is unique and makes it really interesting.
Then there's Mr Fox on a sage green background.  Less subtle than the bluetit, I think Mr Fox is sophisticated and suave!
Finally, again a sage green and perfect for Christmas is this duck patterned sweater.  Look!  They have Christmas hats and scarves and everything - so cute!
Other animals are a dog, French hens, a partridge and a Christmas dog.  Simply sweet!  Each of these jumpers is £69.95 but, until the end of today, Joules are offering a discount code as follows:
  • AFT20 - £20 off orders over £100
  • AFT30 - £30 off orders over £150

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