Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Beaded Flapper Style Top from Jigsaw

I don't think the 1920's Great Gatsby trend will be going out of style for a while yet - plenty of New Year's Eve parties had it as their theme as far as I can tell!  So it's worth searching out some key pieces in the sales that will take one through season after season.

Jigsaw have been excellent at creating some amazing retro pieces that remain true to the original, whilst still being modern and pretty.  Remember the silk flapper dress epitomising the era?  Unfortunately, it's not on sale any more, but I have found similar versions in a top.  Intricately-embellished with beautiful beadwork and a superior silk camisole lining it will be luxurious and flattering to wear. One can go for the whole 1920's vibe with a swinging skirt and kitten heels, or dress differently with skinny jeans and boots.  Available in grey or antique pink, both of these tops are reduced from £139 to £111 in the sale.



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