Saturday, 11 January 2014

Alpaca Wool Blend V-Neck Cardigan from UNIQLO

UNIQLO can be relied on to produce some great quality wardrobe staples at really good prices.  Knitwear often contains cashmere, merino or alpaca and other clothing uses cutting edge fabrics and technologies.  It also does some great collaborations with designers, such as this recent one with Orla Kiely.

I love this alpaca wool blend cardigan that is soft, light and elegant. Its sleeves and bottom are slightly ribbed, which prevents it from being dull.  It's shape and length means that it can be worn with almost any casual outfit - I'd wear a camisole vest top underneath and team with skinny jeans and ankle boots.

Originally £19.90, which I think is fab value anyway, it's reduced to £14.90 in the sale.  It comes in wine (pictured), cream, light and dark grey, black and green in a variety of sizes.


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